a.jin@Dream.a.DreamDream.a.Dream》 a.jin – illustration of dreams


Dream.a.Dream” is a series of continues events to be held within the year. The aim of “Dream.a.Dream” events is to collect dreams from attendees in different ages so as to encourage the creativity of the community and to generate the power of positive thinking. In each event, a white fabric wall will be set up, and the attendees are invited to illustrate their dreams onto the fabric wall.  a.jin, a series of illustrations about dreams and the faith of believing in dreams, will also be showcasing during the event period.

“I do have dreams, yet I have no choice but work for living.” This could be a voice of many people. We work every day from nine to eleven, hunger for just a little break in this busy city. Life is stressful, and we have to compromise so many things in our daily works. Sometimes we may lose, sometimes we may have to put down our dreams for a little while, but we do keep the faith of believing  in dreams, giving us a powerful energy to fill our beautiful life. So let’s stop for a little while & think again, do you still remember the dreams you had during your childhood? Are you still having dreams now? Please join us and illustrate your dreams on the “Dream.a.Dream” fabric walls; let’s gather the powerful energy of dreaming together. We believe that dreams are hopes and necessaries; the path towards our dreams would be the most beautiful and meaning part of our life. Keep dreaming & shouting for dreams! We look forward to seeing the finished creation of “Dream.a.Dream” illustration walls with all of you!

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