Inception of a.jin – the story of dreams

How do you think about dreaming? Is it just a kind of unrealistic thinking that wastes time? We always have an obsession with dreams, and we do believe that dreaming is a necessity, helping us to find a way out from the stressful daily life. That’s why we created a.jin, a girl who helps us to get released from stress, and illustrates our dreams in reality.

About a.jin illustration

a.jin is a series of illustrations about dreams. The world of a.jin is full of colors and hopes, yet hiding a little bit the dark side of us. This contradiction is just like the feeling during growing up when we become mature and to be pleasant all round, yet we still want to keep our innocent childhood thoughts sometimes. Illustrations of a.jin aims to express the power of imagination and dreams; encouraging the faith of believing in dreams.

The creation of a.jin illustrations keeps the original hand illustration feels by using the traditional media like ink, watercolor, pastel, carbon and color pencils etc., but also combining with digital creation in order to visualize the world of a.jin in different kinds of possibilities.